Cove of Sainte-Anne-du-Portzic < < Plougastel-Daoulas

PROFILE OF STAGE :  21.0 km  5hr 15min


00.0 –Bay of Sainte-Anne-du-Portzic. Go up to the road (rue Jim-Sévellec) for 300m and take, on the right, the marked coastal path which leads to Maison Blanche, 3km away. Pass by the foot of the lighthouse of Portzic, facing Pointe des Espagnols, to the narrowest point of Goulet. A view over the military port, the arsenal, the shelter and, at the end, the two bridges over the Elorn (Albert~Louppe and Iroise). Maison Blanche quarter: here begins the crossing through Brest which is far from boring and uninteresting. Take the Route de Corniche for its full length. After Route de Corniche, on the right (5.8km) take rue de l'Église (Saint~Sauveur or Notre-Dame de Recouvrance), then, again on the right, Rue de Rochefort (facing the church) ; at the bottom of the road, opposite a garden,

  • Either take, on the left, the rue de Toulon which ends in a set of steps and continues via Rue de la Pointe.
  • Or, if you prefer, go by jardin de la Pointe and le jardin des Explorateurs (a little marvel!) opposite the chateau. On leaving the garden, a view of Lunven fountain (1761) with, on its right, a granite cross attached to an old house.

Get back onto Rue de l'Église which goes down and passes in front of the Jean-Bart entrance of the National Marine facility on the right. Taking rue de la Tour, arrive at Tour Tanguy (museum). Go round it by the right to climb the steps to ...

1h35 6,7 – ... Pont levant de Recouvrance [Lifting Bridge] , above Penfeld. Cross the bridge and turn right and go down the steps immediately on the right, to follow on the left Rue de la Marine. At the end of Esplanade du Chateau, go left into the famous shaded Dajor courtyard. It looks over the commercial port. Cross Victor-Ségalen square then Ambroise-Juin garden, on the other side of Denver road. Head toward the SNCF railway station (8.3km). Pass between the station on the left and the chamber of commerce on the right to get to the Merle-Blanc footpath. At the end of it, on the left, take the overbridge which crosses the railway track and leads to boulevard Gambetta. Turn right. Cross Forestou bridge. Take a right after the bridge. Just at the entrance to the castle of Kerstears (Lycée Fénelon) (before the bridge over the railway) turn left, continue alongside the railway by a footpath, then Rue De Rodellec-du-Portzic, rue Capitaine-Guynemer, rue D'Estienne-d'Orves on the right after 120m, rue Gounod on the right after 600m, rue Vuillemin, immediately left, which goes back over rue Gounod where you cross over.

Go down a woodland path as far as the entry to a property. Go round it by the left to end up on a road (rue du Brigadier Le Cann). Continue straight ahead, go down Rampe du Vieux-Bourg as far as the chapel. Go up left on the Rampe de Vieux Kervéguen, then go down right along rue Pouloupry. Cross the railway (from the commercial port) then cross the dual carriageway by the underpass. Take Rue de Vieux-Saint-Marc opposite you, and the Mézennes path which leads to the residence of Ty-Yann.

Continue towards the entrance of Océanopolis. Go along by the Moulin Blanc marina. Reach Moulin Blanc beach (14km). The Youth Hostel (Auberge de Jeunesse) is nearby on the left, follow the signs. Go alongside the beach, then the shoreline. Boulevard Léopold-Maissin. Take a right onto Rue de la Rade, which becomes a pathway, then a walking trail which goes down to the shore, and heads towards ...

4h15 17.0 – Albert-Louppe Bridge, which is under pine trees. Go up onto the road then, heading right, cross the bridge. In front of you: the Plougastel peninsula on the other side of the bridge, and in the distance the rocks of Roch Nivelen.

Leaving the bridge, greet the couple wearing traditional Plougastel costumes. Get back onto the road going left for 100m, and turn right onto an uphill path, then go left 100m further on. You get to Roc'h Nivelen where you turn left. At Kéroumen cemetery, turn left. Town bypass (hotels at 600m, on the left). Cross it and continue opposite. Rue de Cléguer leads to the church of ...

5h15 21,0 Plougastel-Daoulas