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Initially established to help Breton pilgrims for their departure for Compostella, the Breton Association of the friends of St-James of Compostela [l'Association bretonne des amis de St-Jacques de Compostelle] offers its experience in all aspects of the pilgrimage :

- It helps future pilgrims:

  • By sharing the experience of former pilgrims with them;
  • By providing the "credencial" without which they cannot use the Spanish pilgrim hostels;
  • By facilitating their departure from Brittany on recognized and waymarked routes;
  • By organizing the training of volunteers for pilgrim hostels both in France and in Spain.

- It participates in research and in promotion of the Saint-James heritage in Brittany:

  • By organizing conferences and exhibitions;
  • By sponsoring a book on Saint James heritage;
  • By instigating and participating in the restoration of sites and objects;
  • With its choir, it also exploits the Gregorian chants of the Saint James Book.

- It promotes and improves the routes to Santiago through Brittany.


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