Saint-Jacut-les-Pins – Redon

STAGE PROFILE 16.1 km   4 hrs


00.0 – ... Saint-Jacut-les-Pins. Go through the market town via the D153 passing in front of the church. At the cemetery take a right and follow the road which goes alonside the railway as far as the junction. Take a left (to the north), then a dirt road to the right 100m further on between fields which leads to another path. Turn right, cross a bridge and continue as far as the paved road.

Take a left to reach le Temple, on the D153. Bend to the right, cross the road and head shortly onto the gravel road on the left as far as the D14. Go right on this road and follow it as far as the Bel Air junction. Turn left (north) then, at the top of a slope, turn right onto a large path. After 700m, reach the ..

1H00 04.0 – ... Chapel of Saint-Barnabé. Go left down the path which leads towards Couesnongle. At the first junction of paths turn right, go through the village for 400m, then head right onto a path through woodland which goes alongside the marsh called Marais de la Vacherie. After 1.2k m, you come back to the D153. Turn left and cross the bridge over the river Arz. A little further, at the junction, turn left and go 200m. Take the little path on the right which twists and turns in the woods and passes behind the village of Vacherie. At the far end of it, continue onto a path to the right which goes alongside the ...

1H50 07.5 – ... D764. Cross this road and take the path opposite which goes alongside the road for a moment on its left-hand side heading downhill. The path turns right further down. Follow it straight ahead for 800m and reach a road. Take this road to the right and arrive at the banks of the river Oust. Follow the banks as far as a rest-area (aire de repos), situated below the old town of Saint-Perreux, near a church situated in a cemetery, 1.5km away.

Keep going and get onto the bridge which crosses the Oust. Continue for approx 500m before going left to take the southern towpath of the canal. Take it heading right. Pass under the sttone bridge (area called La Marionnette) and continue for approx 2km to leave on your left the bridge ‘pont de Courée’. Carry on further on the same towpath as far as the recently restored ‘Pont Tournant’ which is 2.2km away. Take it, or the bridge just after, to cross the Nantes-Brest Canal. Continue to the right for 100m on the Quai de Brest before bearing left (Rue Grand Cour) to get to Grande Rue, a remarkable road with half-timbered houses. Take it to the left for 250m. Leave the Tour Romane – Roman tower – to the right and continue to arrive at the Tourist Office (Maison du Tourisme) ...

4h00 16.0 - ... at the centre of Redon, the end of your day’s stage.