Elliant < > Saint-Jacques-en-Bannalec

STAGE PROFILE :  22.6 km  5h35


00.0 – Elliant If you have stayed overnight here, go back to Park Mar which is a little less than 1km. At the point where the road divides (goose-foot junction), continue along the principal road, heading uphill. Leave the area known as Runic on your left and turn right at the next junction (3.4km) towards Bois Daniel (house with a scallop shell on the left). Continue straight ahead until you get to a road about 800m further, which you take to the right for a little more than 100m. At Bois Jaffray, head left onto a path which leads via Kericuff (Pass to the right then very shortly to the left and again immediately to the right onto a grassy path), Kerloyou (6km) (At the end of the grassy path, go left and immediately right onto a lovely track) and, (after having turned right at 300m), Kerézec to the D36, which is quite busy. Cross it and head onto a stony road on the left, which avoids the junction of Ty-Men to come out onto a tarmac road, which you take to the right, then immediately left to visit ...

1h45 – 07.2 – ... Chapel of Locunduff, recently restored. Get back onto the road and go right towards Scaër. Pass over the Aven and, 500m further, turn right at the junction towards Coat Forn. Go through the farm and continue on a lovely tarmac path which becomes gravelled, and which leads through woodland to Beg an Alé and to the D782 (10km). Follow it by the left for 500m and go up to the right towards Pennanrest. Immediately on the left a path opens up which goes around the farms and winds through the fields and comes out, 800m away from the farms, at a gravel path. At the far end of this path, take a left onto the old railway which is now a walkers’ trail (a ‘greenway’) to arrive at the old railway station of Coat Loc'h . At the station, turn right twice, then before the bridge on the tarmac road, take a left onto the the avenue of the forêt domaniale (forestry plantation) going alongside the river Le Ster Goz, and arrive at a tarmac road. Continue on this road towards Saint-Guénolé (another chapel on the right at the intersection). Continue on your Way, going through the village towards the left as far as Ty Naour, 500m away. Near a Calvary, turn right towards le Moustoir, 700m away. Continue and, after having crossed a little tarmac road, pass in front of a wash-house and get to the area of Lojou (17.8km). Here cross a road and continue straight ahead, then turn left towards Ty Chalony before joining the D4 after 1.2 km (caution, very busy road). There, turn right and immediately left onto a paved road leading towards Ménez Kersclippon, Kergléren and Kerzéniel. After this village, take a right at the next juntion 1km away, and go past Castel Hélou on the left to get to the village of...

5h35 22.6 – ... Saint-Jacques-en-Bannalec (chapel of Saint-Jacques ; ask for the key at the house facing the entrance under the belltower).